Our Journey

We are Maria and Esther, sisters from the Costa Brava region in Spain. After a life-changing trip to Bangladesh and Nepal we settled on the idea of starting a project that would bring handmade high-quality goods sourced from the most remote places on earth. This project is called CASHFANA.

We both grew up and studied law in university, with a special emphasis on how we can use our talents to help those who were less fortunate. For this reason, when we started traveling more often together, we would search for ways that might be able to help the local communities that we encountered on our travels. Soon we realized that selling the beautiful artisanal products that many of these communities made, could really help the families by providing them additional income. After all, if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish… you all know how the saying goes.

CASHFANA is a treasure chest of memories in form of jewelry and accessories from different corners of the world. Each piece is a window into their people that we are passionate about sharing with you. Every time you buy at CASHFANA you will be supporting an artisan. From local to you.

One of us now lives in Los Angeles and the other in Barcelona.