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Chain woven by hand with gold thread. Zirconite stone of colors and natural pearls. "Testa di Moro" made of Sicilian ceramic from Caltagirone and natural pearl.

You can wear it short or long.

It is 70 cm long. 

Made in Italy.

*We are working on a more sustainable sales system and only producing what you want. Though, it is probable we have a few of this in stock, if not the product will arrive to you within 13 days. You will be notified once your order has been shipped.

Did you know these faces are known as "Testa di Moro" and hide a legend? During the Moors domination in Sicily, there was a lovely young girl who lived in Palermo. Every day she used to spend time on the balcony taking care of her plants. One day a young Moor passing by saw her and was captured by her beauty and declared his love to her, which was immediately returned. After some time, the girl discovered that her lover would soon have to return to his country where wife and children were waiting for him. She decided then to plot her revenge: while he was sleeping she beheaded him. And what did she do with his head? She decided to use it as a vase for her lovely flowered balcony, so that her lover would stay with her forever. It’s cool to know the stories behind pieces right?